Amazon Music 100 Million Prime Members Benefit Podcast Apple Music

Amazon Music 100 Million Prime Members Benefit Podcast Apple Music

A month after Apple Music touched 100 million tracks, Amazon Music now boasts of expanding its tracks from two million to 100 million. In a bid to enhance the listening experience for its Prime members, Amazon Music is introducing new features and ad-free content, the company has announced. With this, now Apple Music and Amazon Music both beat rival Swedish music streaming giant Spotify’s collection of more than 80 million songs.

Amazon Prime membership costs Rs 179 per month in India and Rs 1499 is the annual fee. It costs $14.99 a month in the US.

“We’ve expanded our music benefit for Prime members to bring them 100 million songs in shuffle mode, the most ad-free top podcasts available, and features that make it easier to discover new content in the Amazon Music app—all at no additional cost to their membership,” the company said in a statement.

The company mentioned that its 100 million songs are available in HD and there’s a growing catalogue of songs in Ultra HD and Spatial audio and both will be available by upgrading to the Amazon Music Unlimited tier.

According to Amazon, Prime members can now listen to the most ad-free top podcasts on-demand, including shows from CNN, NPR, ESPN, and The New York Times, the Wondery catalogue of premium podcasts, like Dr. Death, SmartLess and Even the Rich, and new Amazon Exclusive shows.

The company also announced including Amazon Exclusive podcasts across genres.

“In addition to the most ad-free top podcasts available, listeners will begin to see a new look for the Amazon Music app, including the new Podcast Previews feature, which provides short soundbites from podcast episodes, helping customers sample the content as they browse the selection. Podcast Previews delivers curated clips designed to introduce new listeners to podcasts, and make it easier for existing podcast fans to find their next favourite show,” the company added.

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