Apple Joins AI Chatbot Race, Explores Generative AI Integration On Siri

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Apple is reportedly exploring language-generating artificial intelligence (AI). The iPhone maker will join the likes of Google and Microsoft to jump onto the AI-driven chatbot bandwagon. Ever since Microsoft-backed research lab OpenAI released ChatGPT last year, the chatbot has been taking the world by storm, being leveraged by individuals and institutions alike for a myriad of tasks ranging from writing high school essays to generating complex programming codes.

As per a report by The New York Times, the Cupertino-based tech giant recently hosted an internal event focused on AI and large language models. Several teams, including those working on Siri, are regularly testing “language-generating concepts.”

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Apple has declined to comment on Siri’s development, but reports suggest the company is keen to compete in the AI race following the success of ChatGPT. In contrast, Satya Nadella, Microsoft Chairman and CEO, has criticized current voice assistants, saying they are “dumb as a rock.”

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OpenAI recently unveiled its next-generation AI engine, GPT-4, which powers ChatGPT and can accept image and text inputs.

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Meanwhile, Google has released its AI service “Bard” to compete with ChatGPT, opening it up to “trusted testers” before making it “more widely available to the public.” Experts believe that in the future, chatbots and voice assistants’ technologies will converge.

Despite advancements in AI, voice assistants, including Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, have struggled to understand various accents, leaving an opening for chatbots to rise.

Furthermore, NewsGPT, the first-of-its-kind website where news reports are generated entirely by artificial intelligence (AI), is now official. 

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As per NewsGPT CEO Alan Levy, NewsGPT is a game changer. He said in a statement, “For too long, news channels have been plagued by bias and subjective reporting. With NewsGPT, we are able to provide viewers with the facts and the truth, without any hidden agendas or biases.”

NewsGPT can only be accessed via the website: newsgpt.aiIt is not available as a mobile app as of yet. 

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