Banks In These States To Remain Shut For Three Days This Week

Banks In These States To Remain Shut For Three Days This Week

With people soaked in the festive spirit, It is important for bank customers to note that some states will observe bank holidays on Holi for up to two days. Bank holidays vary from state to state depending on the regional festivities as well. Banks in some states will remain closed for two-day consecutive holidays on account of the Holi celebration.

The list of bank holidays is released by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on its official website. Banks remain open on the first and third Saturdays of each month while it is shut on the second and fourth Saturdays.

List Of Bank Holidays To Watch This Week

March 7 (Tuesday): Holi/Holi/Holika Dahan/Dhulandi/Dol Jatra – Banks are closed in Maharashtra, Assam, Rajasthan, Srinagar, Goa, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu, Srinagar, Telangana, and Jharkhand.

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March 8 (Wednesday): Holi/Holi second day – Dhuleti/Yaosang second day: Banks are closed in Tripura, Gujarat, Mizoram, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Chandigarh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Rajasthan, Jammu, Uttar Pradesh, Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, New Delhi, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Meghalaya, Himachal Pradesh.

March 9: (Thursday): Holi – Banks are closed in Bihar.

March 11: Second Saturday bank holiday.

Going by the RBI holiday calendar, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand will have consecutive bank holidays on March 7, and 8 on the occasion of the Holi festival.  While Banks in Bihar will be closed for two consecutive days on March 8, and 9.

Banks To Remain Closed In March Other Than Holi On These Days

March 22: Banks will be closed on account of Gudi Padwa/Ugadi Festival/Bihar Divas/Sajibu Nongmapanba (Cheiraoba)/Telugu New Year’s Day/1st Navratra in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Manipur, Jammu, Goa, Bihar, and Srinagar.

On March 30 banks will be closed on the occasion of the Shree Ram Navami (Chaite Dashain) festivals in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Chandigarh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Telangana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Shimla.

Even though banks will remain shut in the following days but individuals will not face any problems related to bank work as ATMs, cash deposits, online banking, and mobile banking services will continue to function.


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