CCI’s Decision On Android A Setback For Indian Users And Businesses, Says Google

CCI's Decision On Android A Setback For Indian Users And Businesses, Says Google

Google on Friday said the Competition Commission of India’s (CCI) order on Thursday is a “major setback” for businesses and consumers, the PTI reported. The US tech giant said that it will expose users to “serious security risks” and raise the cost of mobile devices. Google said it would review the CCI decision to evaluate its course of action.

According to the report, a Google spokesman on Friday said that the tech major has approached the appellate tribunal NCLAT challenging the CCI’s order on unfair business practices in Android mobile device ecosystem.

The CCI in October slapped a penalty of Rs 1,338 crore on Google for abusing its dominant position in multiple markets in relation to Android mobile devices and ordered the internet major to cease and desist from various unfair business practices.

“We have decided to appeal the CCI’s decision on Android as we believe it presents a major setback for our Indian users and businesses who trust Android’s security features, and potentially raising the cost of mobile devices,” the Google spokesperson said, while adding, “We look forward to making our case in NCLAT and remain committed to users and partners.”

The company claimed that Android has greatly benefitted Indian users, developers, and OEMs, and powered India’s digital transformation.

Quoting a source, PTI said that Google has sought a stay adding that the company believes that CCI failed to appreciate strong evidence on record from OEMs, developers, and users demonstrating that the open Android business model supports competition for the benefit of all stakeholders, including in India specifically.

Google is optimistic that the NCLAT will take full account of the evidence on record and the tremendous contribution that Android has made to the massive growth and prosperity of the mobile ecosystem in India, sources said.

Sources asserted that Android had created more choices for everyone, and supports thousands of successful businesses in India and around the world. According to the sources, the CCI call exposes Indian users to unprecedented security risks, and will make Android devices in India more expensive, less functional, and less safe than they are today.

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