CEOs From Germany After Meeting With PM Modi

CEOs From Germany After Meeting With PM Modi

India has high sustainability ambitions and wants to utilise technology to decarbonize supply chains and manufacture green hydrogen, which works hand in hand with technology, and “we are very happy to be a partner of India,” said Christian Klein, CEO of software company SAP, news agency ANI reported.

Speaking with ANI, Klein stated: “The country (India) has high aspirations for sustainability and wants to use technology to achieve that, to decarbonize supply chains, to move to the circular economy, to produce green hydrogen. And that goes hand in hand with technology. And India has a very strong agenda for both topics.”

“And look, without technology, we won’t reach our sustainability goals. So it has to come together. And that’s why I like the digital agenda of India so much,” he added.

Klein further stated that during his discussion with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the PM underlined the prospects available for German and Indian firms, as well as how to build the economies even quicker, and that technology from both nations plays a critical part in this.

SAP CEO remarked in an interview with ANI that India is their best partner. “We actually want thousands of Indian customers. We have a big ecosystem there. We are partnering with over 1,000 startups here in India and we have found a really great target pool here in the country. Companies are leaning into digital transformation, no matter if it’s low on energy, on retail. So we are co-innovating a lot and we are very happy with the speed and the talents here in the country,” he stated. 

The CEO of Systems, Applications, and Products (SAP) also claimed that SAP will treble its investments in India because the country has outstanding potential and people.

“You have companies who are leaning into technology, and into digital transformation. And your Prime Minister, the government, has very aspirational targets for the country. The economy is developing extremely well. So we are very happy to be a partner of India,” Klein added.

These statements were made following a meeting with Prime Minister Modi. On Saturday, Leaders from German firms travelled to India alongside Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Here’s What Other CEO Stated After Meeting With PM Modi:

“India is another country & you’ve to adapt yourself to the culture because we can’t come here & tell the great & beautiful India that they should behave like we want them to. Together with our Indian partner, we are able to invest in Indian market,” Klemens Rethmann, CEO, Rethmann said. 

After meeting with PM Modi, Susanne Wiegand, CEO, RENK stated: “We’re proud to be a trusted partner of the Indian govt. We’re expanding a lot here as India is a fast growing market and for us a key market in Asia. We are proud to be here in India.”

“I know about Make in India since beginning & we’re supporting many German companies to come to India & start producing in India. Currently, there’s an initiative going on in German Mittelstand invited by India to come & become part of Make in India,” said Dirk Stenkamp, CEO of TÜV Nord.

(With Inputs From ANI)

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