ChatGPT Microsoft OpenAI Bing Invest Usd 10 Billion Google Chatbot

ChatGPT Microsoft OpenAI Bing Invest Usd 10 Billion Google Chatbot

ChatGPT, the chatbot driven by artificial intelligence (AI) that has been taking the world by storm with its prompt problem-solving skills, is now gaining the attention of big tech firms. Microsoft is said to be in discussions with ChatGPT creator OpenAI to invest $10 billion. As per a report by Bloomberg quoting sources, the discussion has apparently been going on for months.

The report suggested that the Redmond tech giant will invest the total amount over several years, and the final terms of the deal haven’t been finalised yet. San Francisco-headquartered OpenAI is expected to be valued at $29 billion, owing to potential investments that could involve other venture firms.  

Launched as a prototype on November 30 last year, ChatGPT became popular among netizens because of its simple UI and easy approach to solving problems. To use ChatGPT, all you need to do is visit, register with your mail ID, and type in your query in the textbox that appears. 

Owing to the overall simplicity of ChatGPT, Microsoft is also working to add the chatbot to its search engine, Bing — primarily in order to take on Alphabet’s Google. For now, neither Microsoft nor OpenAI have offered a confirmation.

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The query can range from anything from “how do I solve a trigonometry problem” to “how do I learn a Beatles song on the guitar”. Based on your input, ChatGPT will offer a procedurally generated text response — in a surprisingly human-like structure — explaining every step to solving an issue. You can also ask follow-up questions if needed, and ChatGPT will be able to continue the discussion naturally. 

ChatGPT has been built upon the GPT-3 language model developed by OpenAI. Owing to its success, the research lab is already working on a GPT-4 model to develop an even more natural language processing program.

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