ChatGPT Professional Pilot Launch Premium Viral AI Chatbot OpenAI

ChatGPT Professional Pilot Launch Premium Viral AI Chatbot OpenAI

OpenAI, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) research laboratory that founded the viral chatbot ChatGPT on Wednesday said on Discord that it is starting to think about how to monetise ChatGPT. OpenAI co-founder Greg Brockman also announced that the research laboratory is working on a professional version of ChatGPT that will offer “higher limits and faster performance”.

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“Working on a professional version of ChatGPT; will offer higher limits & faster performance. If interested, please join our waitlist here:,” Brockman posted on Twitter on Wednesday.

The pilot will be purportedly called ChatGPT Professional and as per a waitlist link posted by OpenAI on Discord, the research laboratory asks a range of questions about payment preferences including “At what price (per month) would you consider ChatGPT to be so expensive that you would not consider buying it?”

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According to a waitlist link posted by OpenAI on Twitter, ChatGPT Professional is geared towards professional use with always available (no blackout windows), fast responses from ChatGPT (i.e. no throttling) and as many messages as you need (at least 2X of regular daily limit).

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AI research laboratory OpenAI’s ChatGPT is free to use on the web for all who have an OpenAI account. However, the popularity of ChatGPT has inspired sketchy developers to take advantage of its popularity and develop dubious apps. One such sketchy app named “ChatGPT Chat GPT AI With GPT-3” is being downloaded via the Apple App Store, which appears to have no affiliation with Open AI, the creators of ChatGPT or the AI bot itself.

To recall, AI research laboratory OpenAI announced ChatGPT, which is a dialogue-based AI chat interface for GPT-3 family of large language models in December last year. The world of tech and AI went abuzz with discussions of the AI bot by OpenAI, which is an impressive writer and is capable of understanding natural human language and producing detailed human-like written text. Announced by Elon Musk founded-independent AI research laboratory OpenAI, ChatGPT AI bot took over the internet by storm, soon after it was announced.

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