ChatGPT Shakespearean Poem ChatGPT Twitter Users Climate Change Poem

ChatGPT Shakespearean Poem ChatGPT Twitter Users Climate Change Poem

After making headlines for clearing top university entrance exams and leaving the user spellbound with its amazing response, ChatGPT caught the attention of people again for writing a Shakespearean poem on climate change on Sunday.

In a viral post, a Twitter user named Dan Miller asked the chatbot to write a Shakespearean poem on climate change. The response has left netizens and Twitter users amazed.

Miller shared the poem and reactions to it in a Twitter thread. He posted the entire poem of 28 lines on the micro-blogging platform that amassed massive reactions from people.

He said, “I asked #ChatGPT4 to explain #ClimateChange in the voice of #Shakespeare. The result is quite extraordinary.”

In response to this question, the chatbot said, “Prithee, attend, thou gentle souls and wise, 
To hear a tale of warming in our skies,
A change that doth the very earth beset,
And causeth all in sundry ways to fret.”

The response was also given on industrialisation and what it has done to the environment.

Miller shared the chatbots’ response in which it said, “In days of yore, when men didst burn with greed,
The blackened stone and ebon oils did feed
Their wanton lust for progress, wealth, and might,
Unwittingly they set a course for blight.”

The next stanza of the poem by ChatgOT read, “By burning these, they spewed into the air
A noxious gas, invisible yet fair,
This gas, which men doth call carbon dioxide,
A potent brew that nature doth deride.”

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Miller shared more of such responses by the chatbot which said, “Forsooth, this gas, with others of its kin,
Doth form a veil ’round all the world so thin,
That traps the sun’s warm rays within its fold,
And causeth Mother Earth to sweat untold.”

The next stanza read, “By slow degrees, the oceans and the land
Do feel the grip of this ungentle hand,
Which melteth ice and causeth seas to rise,
And storm and drought to plague our mortal lives.”

The response also asked humans to acknowledge the impacts of climate change and work on it. It said, “Now, mark me well, dear friends, as I relate
The consequence of mankind’s folly great:
The time is nigh when all that dwell on earth,
Must reckon with the cost of progress’ birth.”

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Finally, the poem written by ChatGPT concluded, “To halt this change, we must our ways amend,
Turn from the path which leads us to our end,
Embrace the power of sun and wind and wave,
And strive, dear friends, our noble world to save.”

One of the Twitter users said, “I love it!  I’d like your permission to use it for a musical arrangement.”

Many other people on Twitter were left amazed at the “extraordinary” results of ChatGPT.


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