Crash Detection Feature On IPhone 14 Saves Lives In A Car Accident

Crash Detection Feature On IPhone 14 Saves Lives In A Car Accident

The latest features available on iPhone 14 models have helped save the lives of two people in a serious car accident that occurred on the Angeles Forest Highway in the Angeles National Forest in the US state of California, says a report by MacRumors. This year’s iPhone 14 models come with a much useful feature, the Emergency SOS via satellite and crash detection, which have helped locate and rescue the victims involved in the accident.

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The incident occurred when a car lost control and moved in an uncontrolled way on the mountainside, falling about 300 feet into a remote canyon, the MacRumors report added. The Apple iPhone 14 inside the car detected the crash and sent the information to rescuers through the Emergency SOS feature via satellite in the absence of a cellular connection.

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Commenting on the incident, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department tweeted: “They received a call from the Apple emergency satellite service. The informant and another victim had been involved in a single-vehicle accident.”

One of Apple’s relay centres got an Emergency SOS via satellite text message from the victims. Following which, employees at the relay centre called the LA County Sheriff department for assistance. Subsequently, the Montrose Research and Rescue Team located the people involved in the crash. Later, the victims were airlifted in a helicopter and sent to a local hospital. The victims got treatment for mild to moderate injuries, the report added.

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The officials involved in the rescue operation confirmed that Apple’s Emergency satellite service helped save lives. The search and rescue team stated that information about “an accurate latitude and longitude for the victims” was given by Apple’s call centre.

It should be noted that this is not the first time Apple products have helped save the lives of their users in emergency situations. Apple’s crash detection and emergency satellite via SOS features have been successfully used to save lives many times in the past. Both of these features are available to all users of the iPhone 14 in select regions globally, and they can activate the SOS feature in any emergency situation even without a WiFi or cellular signal or connection.

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However, the Emergency SOS via Satellite is currently functional only in the US, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, and the UK. Apple has kept it free to use for two years for its users in these countries.

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