Employee Laid Off By Meta Shares Ordeal

Employee Laid Off By Meta Shares Ordeal

The layoff season in the IT sector is far from done. Because of the increase in layoffs, the employment market has grown increasingly turbulent. According to Bloomberg, Meta Platforms Inc, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is contemplating a new wave of layoffs that would affect thousands of employees. A Meta India employee who worked as a talent acquisition staffer was affected by the job loss and expressed her experience on LinkedIn.

During the first round of layoffs, almost 11,000 people were laid off.

In a lengthy post, the ex-employee named Sutha Sehgar explained how she “did not know that the timeline would be this short”.

According to her post, “It’s apparently traditional to take a badge photo before leaving Meta, but I had no idea the timeline would be so short. Meta laid off 11K of its staff yesterday and unfortunately, I’m impacted too together with my wonderful teammates.”

She wrote about how the layoff has affected her, saying, “Times are hard, and I know the road ahead will be hard, but I am humbly seeking help from the #linkedinfam to help spread the word and assist in getting a job to sustain our livelihood. I’d be delighted to refer some of the best recruitment talents that I’ve worked with as well!”

According to Bloomberg, the world’s largest social networking giant is cutting more jobs, on top of a 13% reduction in November, in order to become a more efficient corporation. Meta laid off 11,000 employees in its last wave of layoffs, marking the company’s first major layoff. According to the report, the corporation has also been seeking to flatten its organisation, offering buyout packages to managers and eliminating whole teams that it deems unnecessary, a move that is still being completed and may affect thousands of employees.

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