Game Of Thrones NFT Avatars Launched Crypto NFT Fans Criticise

Game Of Thrones NFT Avatars Launched Crypto NFT Fans Criticise

“Game of Thrones”, the hit HBO series launched its NFT assets on Nifty’s on January 10. Although the NFT collection was sold out within seven hours of being launched, the crypto community erupted with widespread criticism of the poorly drawn characters from the show. Most of the “Build Your Realm” collections were sold out on the day of their release. Crypto and NFT fans have described them as “salad fingers” and “miserable,” to mention a few. “Game of Thrones” NFT collections witnessed a pre-sale of around 3,450 Hero Boxes and 1,500 Hero Boxes.

They contained multiple NFT cards, resource card collectibles, and a standalone hero Avatar NFT from “Game of Thrones”. They were also sold on OpenSea for Ethereum.

Nifty’s CEO and co-founder Jeff Marsilio said that the GoT experience had been a long time coming. He said, “Our teams have diligently worked together to create an interactive collecting experience for Game of Thrones fans to continue their journey and live within the beloved series.”

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Despite the excitement of the GoT NFT launch, social media users and fans launched a scathing attack on the badly drawn characters in the NFT form. A Twitter user said these GoT NFTs “hit differently”.

Another user on the micro-blogging platform said the recent NFT collection drop by “Game of Thrones” has highlighted the importance of understanding NFTs in a responsible manner. He also described them as “ugly”.

Twitter was full of several such criticisms and jokes directed at the GoT NFTs. For instance, a user wrote that their (NFT) sneak-peaks looked “miserable” before, but now they have made it even worse.

Amid the widespread criticism, one of the several users described that the GoT Avatar’s had “claw-like hands.”

The problem only escalated when some individuals complained of not receiving the NFT collections after paying the required amount.

Meanwhile, Solana’s NFT collection BONKZ was reportedly the top-selling collection in the last 24 hours, as per data. T the GoT NFT collection was ranked 13 in terms of its sales in the market. So far, the collections have witnessed around 2,894 transactions from over 991 buyers for $506,673.

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