Google India Third Party Billing Play Store Android Developers CCI Regulatory Changes

Google India Third Party Billing Play Store Android Developers CCI Regulatory Changes

In compliance with the recent regulatory directions by the Competition Commission of India (CCI), Google will start allowing all Android app developers to opt for a third-party billing system for Google Play Store purchases in India starting April 26, according to the latest update on the tech giant’s support page.

According to the company, the changes were being made in response to the recent regulatory developments.

Google Play’s billing system changes in India

“In response to recent regulatory developments in India, we are now offering all developers the ability to offer an alternative billing system alongside Google Play’s for their mobile and tablet users in India. If a user pays through an alternative billing system, the Google Play service fee will be reduced by 4 per cent,” Google India wrote on its support page.

Currently, developers are charged a 15 per cent-30 per cent commission for using Google’s platform and payment tools and it is on the basis of their annual Play Store income. With the new directive in place, app developers who opt to use an alternate payment method or third-party payment services, for subscriptions and paid apps, will get a 4 per cent commission discount.

However, the Android app developers will still have to pay Google 11 per cent-26 per cent commission, depending on their income from the apps.

To recall, earlier in September 2022, Google had announced that third-party ‘in-app’ billing system pilot was launching in India, allowing non-gaming app developers to offer users the choice of an alternative billing mechanism alongside that of Google Play. Last month the tech behemoth confirmed that as part of its policy changes in India, it will be launching third-party payments for all app developers in the country.

Meanwhile, app developers are crying foul and alleging that Google was ‘finding loopholes’ in the competition watchdog’s verdict.

As per a statement by industry body Alliance of Digital India Foundation (ADIF, the update is ‘a clear violation of a specific direction of the CCI.’

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