Here’s What ChatGPT Has To Say

Here’s What ChatGPT Has To Say

MS Dhoni is a huge name in Indian cricket. Despite announcing his retirement from international cricket in 2020, he continues to enjoy unparalleled popularity. While his last international match was India’s 2019 ODI World Cup semifinal against New Zealand, he continues to ply his trade in the Indian Premier League.

This year too Dhoni will lead the four-time champions Chennai Super Kings in IPL. Although this will be the fourth IPL season since his last game for India, going purely on the basis of numbers there has been a dip in his performance since 2020, judging by his own his own high standards.

In IPL 2019, which was his last year as an active international cricketer, Dhoni played 15 matches in the IPL, scoring 416 runs at an average of 83.20 and a strike rate of 134.62. However, since then, there has been a clear slump with him scoring 200 runs from 14 games at an average of 25.00 and a strike rate of 116.27 in IPL 2020 and only 114 runs from 16 matches at an average of 16.28 and a strike rate of 106.54 in IPL 2021.

IPL 2022 was better for Dhoni at an individual level as he scored his first fifty in IPL since 2019 but it was still from from the benchmark that he has set for himself. Last year, the leader who has led the Men in Yellow to each of their four IPL triumphs, amassed 232 runs at a strike rate of 123.40 and an average of 33.14.

We thought why not ask OpenAI’s ChatGPT is it time for the 41-year-old to retire from IPL and here’s what the chatbot responded:

“As an AI language model, I do not have personal opinions or preferences, but I can provide information and insights on the topic. 

MS Dhoni is one of the most successful and experienced cricketers in the Indian Premier League (IPL) history. He has been the captain of the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) since the inception of the league in 2008 and has led the team to three IPL titles.

However, in recent years, Dhoni’s form in the IPL has been a matter of concern for some fans and analysts. In the 2020 IPL season, he scored only 200 runs in 14 matches at an average of 25, and in the 2021 season, he scored 84 runs in 7 matches.

Despite his recent form, Dhoni remains an integral part of the CSK team, not just as a batsman but also as a leader and a wicket-keeper. He brings a wealth of experience and tactical acumen to the team and is known for his ability to remain calm and composed under pressure.

Therefore, the decision of whether or not Dhoni should retire from the IPL should be based on several factors, including his fitness, form, and the team’s requirements. If Dhoni feels he is fit and can continue to contribute to the team’s success, and the CSK management believes he is still a valuable asset, then he should continue to play in the IPL. However, if he feels that his time is up, or if the team management believes that he is no longer able to perform at the required level, then he may consider retiring from the IPL. Ultimately, it is up to Dhoni to decide when he wants to retire from the IPL.”

It seems that even ChatGPT is a fan of Captain Cool’s decision-making skills and leaves it to India’s World Cup-winning captain to take the call.

Disclaimer: The article majorly includes the responses given by ChatGPT (AI-driven chatbot developed by OpenAI) to various questions/questionnaire and ABP Network Private Limited (‘ABP’) is in no manner liable/responsible for any of such responses. Accordingly, reader discretion is advised.

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