Hyundai Launches Campaign To Promote Safety On Indian Roads

Hyundai Launches Campaign To Promote Safety On Indian Roads

To make Indian roads free of accidents and mishaps, Hyundai Motor India Ltd has launched the sixth edition of “#BeTheBetterGuy”, a campaign to promote road safety. With this year’s theme of ‘Buckle-up, Young India’, the initiative aims to reach 400 million plus Gen Z and millennial road-users “by developing an emotional connect with them which leads to a paradigm positive behavioral shift in the mindset thereby encouraging road-users to create a ‘Chain-of-Change’,” the company said in a statement.

Commenting on the launch of the sixth edition of the #BTBG Campaign, Puneet Anand, Assistant Vice President and Group Head, Corporate Affairs, Hyundai Motor India Ltd, said: “As a responsible and a caring brand, Hyundai aims to increase awareness about road safety by making the Gen-Z and millennials socially responsible by highlighting the importance of being a safe road-user.”

#BeTheBetterGuy was started as a public awareness drive in 2016 with the tagline ‘Safety-begins-with-you’.

“‘CONTINUE’, our global CSR movement defines our consistent efforts towards the community at large, efforts made under this aegis with #BeTheBetterGuy continues to bring a positive behavioural change in the society by engaging the masses and going ‘Beyond Mobility’. By doing so we are working towards creating a sustainable & safe environment for road-users which drives ‘Progress for Humanity’,” Anand said.

According to the company, rhe #BeTheBetterGuy campaign seeks to draw attention to critical issues pertaining to road safety by focussing on the following messages:

  • Always wear a seat-belt when in your car, even on the rear seat
  • Follow all traffic rules and don’t over-speed, even when no one is watching you
  • Don’t drive under the influence
  • Eyes, always on the road. Don’t use mobile phones while driving 
  • Let pedestrians cross first
  • Give way to emergency service vehicles

The #BeTheBetterGuy theme for this year, ‘Buckle Up Young India’, focuses on proper utilisation of safety features in modern-day automobiles, not only for you but also for your loved one’s safety, the company said.

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