IOS 16.1.1 Update Apple Releases With Fixes How To Download

IOS 16.1.1 Update Apple Releases With Fixes How To Download

Apple is rolling out the iOS 16.1.1 and iPadOS 16.1.1 updates today with a few bug fix updates, weeks after the launch of iOS 16.1, which brought support for iCloud Shared Photo Library, Matter, Live Activities, among others. The iOS 16.1.1 update rolling out for iPhone users brings additional bug fixes and security improvements over the last update. It follows the release of iOS 16.1 and the continued beta testing of iOS 16.2.

According to the Software Update section on eligible iPhone models, the iOS 16.1.1 update includes bug fixes and security updates. As per the tech giant’s support page, which gives more details about the latest update, the iOS 16.1.1 will prevent remote users from causing arbitrary code execution and random app termination.

The iOS 16.1.1 update comes two weeks after the rollout of the iOS 16.1 update. 

Which iPhone models will support iOS 16.1.1

The latest iOS 16.1.1 update will be supported by Apple iPhone 8 and later models. The iPadOS 16.1.1 is available for all models of the iPad Pro, iPad Air 3rd generation and later iPad 5th generation and later and iPad Mini 5th generation and later models.

How to update the iPhone or iPad with the lastest OS?

  • Open the Settings app
  • Scroll down and tap “General”
  • Tap on “Software update”
  • Select the software update option when it appears

With today’s release of iOS 16.1.1 by Apple, the next software update for iPhone users will be iOS 16.2. However, the timeline for its release is not known yet. The iOS 16.2 update is currently being tested by developers and public beta users. It includes a number of new features and changes, for example, updates to the Home app, the company’s new Freefrom collaboration app, and more. Some reports suggest that iOS 16.2 may be rolled out by Apple in mid-December.

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