Legacy Blue Checks On Twitter To Be Removed Soon Elon Musk

Legacy Blue Checks On Twitter To Be Removed Soon Elon Musk

Elon Musk has announced that legacy blue checks or blue ticks on handles that are verified without subscribing to Twitter Blue will soon be removed as they are ‘truly corrupt’.

He said this in reply to a tweet about Twitter’s new subscription model. 

Twitter Blue, the premium subscription service by Twitter is now rolling out for users in India. Twitter’s paid subscription adds the much-talked-about blue checkmark to the user’s account, according to Twitter’s support page. 

The premium service also brings the ability to get early access to special features introduced by the company. Twitter Blue subscribers in the US will be able to post 4,000-character tweets, which is up from the previous limit of 280.

Twitter Blue subscription in India is available for both iOS and Android users as well as Twitter web users. Twitter Blue’s monthly subscription fee for iOS and Android users in India has been set at Rs 900 while Twitter web users can get the Twitter Blue plan at a lower cost of Rs 650 per month. 

For web users, there’s an annual subscription plan for Rs 6,800, which will cost approximately Rs 566 per month. However, this plan will not be applicable to Twitter users on iOS and Android.

According to the micro-blogging company, some new features, which may soon be available for Twitter Blue subscribers include their tweets being prioritised to help fight scams and spam, seeing 50 per cent fewer advertisements than non-verified people, the ability to post longer videos to the micro-blogging site and getting early access to select new features with Twitter Blue Labs.

Twitter has started a new verification programme for organisations last month, in yet another change to the micro-blogging company after tech billionaire Elon Musk’s chaotic takeover. The company started accepting signups for organisations that will have to submit their names, websites as well as Twitter usernames to be considered for the waitlist.



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