Netflix Profile Transfer Feature India In English How It Works Cost Password Sharing

Netflix Profile Transfer Feature India In English How It Works Cost Password Sharing

Streaming giant Netflix has introduced the Profile Transfer feature in India, in a bid to prevent password sharing. It was announced by the company few weeks ago. The company has started informing Netflix users about Profile Transfer through emails. Netflix Profile Transfer Launched essentially lets allows users quickly transfer an existing profile to a new account along with a “seamless” transfer of all the user’s viewing history, recommendations, “My List”, settings, saved games and more according to Netflix.

“People move. Families grow. Relationships end. But throughout these life changes, your Netflix experience should stay the same. Today, we’re launching Profile Transfer, a feature that lets people using your account transfer a profile — keeping the personalized recommendations, viewing history, My List, saved games, and other settings — when they start their own membership,” Netflix had earlier said in a statement.

While announcing the feature, Netflix had also mentioned that users will be notified by email as soon as the Profile Transfer feature becomes available on a user’s account.

Netflix users who want to transfer their accounts can start by signing into an account, on the web, which has access to your profile. Users can also visit their Netflix Account page or look for this option in the selection drop-down on their homepage.

However, according to Netflix, the payment information will not be transferred to the new account, as part of Netflix Profile transfer. Also, kids’ profiles and PIN-protected profiles cannot be transferred too.

Meanwhile, in a bid to introduce an ad-supported tier for its users, the company had announced that it will roll out the ‘Basic With Ads’ streaming plan on November 3 in several countries.

“The plan represents an exciting opportunity for advertisers — the chance to reach a diverse audience, including younger viewers who increasingly don’t watch linear TV, in a premium environment with a seamless, high-resolution ads experience,” Greg Peters, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Product Officer, earlier said in a statement.

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