Nothing Ear 2 Challengers Price Specifications Samsung Buds 2 Oppo Enco X2 Sennheiser Oneplus Buds Jabra Elite 5

Nothing Ear 2 Challengers Price Specifications Samsung Buds 2 Oppo Enco X2 Sennheiser Oneplus Buds Jabra Elite 5

Nothing Ear (2) true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds are now official. While they come with the same transparent design aesthetic that made the Ear (1) stand out in a very crowded TWS market, their price tag of Rs 9,999 is significantly higher than the Rs 6,999 at which the Ear (1) had been launched in 2021. Nothing claims to have added a number of features to the TWS, but that higher price tag places them in a zone packed with high-quality competitors from some very well-known brands. 

Here are six TWS earbuds that we think could give Nothing Ear (2) a good run for their money.

Note: The prices of the TWS earbuds mentioned are the ones at which they are generally available at the time of writing. These might change subsequently. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2: Veteran Flagships That Still Pack A Punch

Price: Rs 7,999

They might be considered to be a little old by some, but these were Samsung’s flagship buds in 2021, released at a premium price tag of Rs 13,990. At their reduced price, however, they are a terrific deal. 

They are lightweight and come in a compact case which will slip into most pockets quite easily. Their sound quality is good, with impressive volumes, and has a strong bass-y element to it, which most people will like. 

ANC works very well too and is on par with much more expensive TWS even today. You get support for wireless charging too, and multipoint connectivity means that you can connect to different devices and switch seamlessly between them when needed. 

They come in some very attractive colours, including olive and lavender, giving them a certain visual appeal. Their touch interface is a little too sensitive so look out for accidental touches when you try to adjust them. 

Battery life is also decent rather than exceptional by modern standards — five hours on the bids and twenty hours with the case. All said and done, these remain flagship performers and with IPX7 water resistance, can actually survive being in the water for up to 30 minutes.

Sennheiser CX Plus: The Sultans Of Sound 

Price: Rs 10,500

If you are in the market for TWS earbuds that offer crystal clear audio with a hint of bass and very good ANC, then the Sennheiser CX Plus would be the pick of the list. 

Launched at the price of Rs 14,990 in July 2022, the Sennheiser CX Plus soon enough received a couple of price cuts which has now brought them down to Rs 10,500 on Amazon. This price, bundled with the audio quality that the buds offer, make them perhaps the sultans of sound in the list. 

In no way is the sound output of the Sennheiser CX Plus balanced, which might make audiophiles steer clear of them but because they offer sound with some bass oomph along with clear mids and highs, they have a very unique audio output. 

The ANC on the buds is very good as well and will comfortably drown the noise of a crowded cafe while the call quality and battery life are okay-ish too. The biggest miss in CX Plus’s portfolio would be its controls. 

The earbuds do not have any buttons but touch panels which can be an absolute pain to control and often had us reaching for our phones after the buds failed a couple of times to get the command right. 

The design might also not be everyone’s cup of tea but if it is a unique sound output that offers clarity with a hint of bass then the Sennheiser CX Plus would be the TWS to look for. 

Oppo Enco X2: Great sound at a decent price 

Price: Rs 10,999

Oppo’s Enco X surprised everyone by delivering notably high-quality sound and excellent smart features at a surprisingly affordable price (for flagship TWS) with its Enco X TWS in 2020. The Oppo Enco X2 are every bit as good, although they look almost exactly the same as the Oppo Enco X.
Like the original Enco X, they too have been made in collaboration with popular Danish audio experts Dynaudio, and feature dual drivers, although this time their sound has been given a slightly heavier touch of bass, which mainstream users will love. 

Volume levels are good, with no distortion and there is support for LHDC, letting you hear high quality music wirelessly. ANC is among the best in this list, with even a smart option that automatically tailors ANC as per your surroundings. 

Battery life is decent at five hours on the buds and the case takes it to an additional 20-22 hours. Turn ANC off and this increases to almost forty hours with the case. There is support for wireless charging and the buds have IP54 rating which makes them good enough for use in workouts and during the odd drizzle. 

Their design makes them easy to carry around too. They will not turn heads but they are performers and come with good touch controls, including the ability to control volume from the buds themselves (a rarity in this price segment). 

Amazon Echo Buds (2nd Generation): Super Smart Performers  

Price: Rs 7,999

When Amazon launched the Echo Buds (2nd gen) last year, it faced a lot of heat for pricing the TWS quite steeply. But shortly after the launch, Amazon slashed the price of the Amazon Echo Buds down to Rs 7,999, suddenly making them a very good value-for-money option in the market. 

While the Echo Buds come with a number of impressive features like good audio and call quality, solid ANC and decent battery life, the biggest USP of the Amazon TWS has to be the Alexa integration. There have been a number of devices with voice assistant support but  Amazon has completely hit it out of the park when it comes to the smart features on the earbuds which made the Echo Buds the truly hands-free TWS option in the list.

You would be able to summon Alexa even with music volumes maxed out and the virtual assistant will respond in a single summons. With such brilliant integration, you would be able to use Alexa for even the tiniest of tasks. Whether it is checking the battery of the buds or setting an alarm, you can just call Alexa to the rescue and the virtual assistant will get the task done. 

That said, the Amazon Echo Buds are hardly a looker, and might not appeal to the masses with their looks. You will also need to get the Alexa app to get the most out of the buds but other than that, the Amazon Echo Buds (2nd gen) can be quite a pain in the Nothing Ear (2)’s neck. 

OnePlus Buds Pro 2/ OnePlus Buds Pro 2R: For Those Looking For A Pro Touch

Price: Rs 11,999/ Rs 9,999

OnePlus recently released its flagship TWS, the OnePlus Buds Pro 2, and they have been very impressive indeed. Like the Oppo Enco X series, the Buds Pro 2 have also been made in collaboration with Dynaudio and feature dual drivers, but there the similarity ends. While the Oppo Enco X2 are more about sound, the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 are all about delivering a lot of smart functionality. 

Yes, the sound on them is very good too, and so is the ANC (which can adapt to the surroundings, if needed), but what really makes them special are the smarts on board. 

You get spatial audio with head tracking on the Buds Pro 2, making you feel as if you are in a concert hall, and even the audio quality itself can be changed as per what is best suited for your ears. Call quality is perhaps the best in this list, and you get a battery life of about six hours on the buds and another twenty hours from the case if you use ANC. 

There is an IP55 rating and the Buds Pro 2 also come with support for wireless charging. They are very elegant looking with dual toned buds and stems,  and come in a case that will slip into most pockets easily. The OnePlus Pro 2R are exactly the same as the OnePlus Buds Pro 2, but lack head tracking and wireless charging.

Jabra Elite 5: Elite Performers Indeed 

Price: Rs 11,999

There are just a handful TWS earbuds in the market that perform as well as the Jabra Elite 5 in the audio and call-quality department. 

Launched recently with a price tag of Rs 14,999, the Elite 5 are often available for Rs 11,999 on various platforms and for that price, they are quite a package. 

No, they will not turn heads in terms of looks quite like the Nothing Ear (2) will but can definitely prove to be lethal for the Ear (2) in other departments. 

The Elite 5 come with a sound that does not follow the bass head mob mentality but instead takes the road less travelled and delivers a very balanced, well-rounded sound, which is a rarity in the sea of bass-heavy buds. Another jewel in the Elite 5’s crown is its call quality. 

Not once did we or the person we were speaking to have an issue with the audio output on call, the credit for which we think goes to the six mics present on each earbud on the Elite 5. 

The battery life on the buds is good too as they can last about 6-6.5 hours with ANC and would see off a couple hours more with moderate volume levels and ANC turned off.

The case and buds both are compact and lightweight as well, come with IP55 rating, support for Qi wireless charging support as well as support for fast charging. The only area where some might not think of the Elite 5 as too elite is ANC, which is decent but not absolutely noise-muting.

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