Tech Giant Amazon Introduces Tik-Tok-Style Video Feed To Increase Product Sale

Tech Giant Amazon Introduces Tik-Tok-Style Video Feed To Increase Product Sale

Amazon is going to launch a Tik-Tok-style short video feature named Inspire for its customers soon. The company has already made the new feature available for select customers, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal. The short video platform feature in Amazon app will let customers purchase products from a customised feed of photos and videos. The retail giant is rolling out the feature to select customers in the US in early December and it is planning to ensure the availability of this feature to consumers all over the US in the next few months.

Amazon has said it will process customer feedback and see how this project evolves and transforms over time. The comes in the wake of Amazon witnessing a decline in sales and customer satisfaction. This also comes as one of the several attempts by the company to attract customers through social creators and influencers.

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Amazon’s customers will be able to see the non-stop video and photo feed that will showcase different products and services on Inspire. The aim of the move is to push consumers into buying displayed items through the Amazon app. Following the launch of Inspire, Amazon will join social networking giant Facebook and foray into the social-shopping space. The retail giant will also use Google to capitalise on the popularity of the short-video format. The Wall Street Journal report added that Amazon has already been recruiting influencers to help make its social-shopping business stronger.

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Amazon’s Director of Shopping, Oliver Messenger was quoted as saying that the short-form video feature “is an incredibly useful medium for helping people discover and understand products.” Oliver was also quoted as saying that “video-based content really helps customers understand the product more.” According to Messenger, Inspire is a shopping focused platform and has social traits that could later transform into content sharing and a trending feature portal for the company.

Amazon’s Inspire portal will look like a lightbulb-shaped icon positioned at the app’s bottom. Customers can click, like, add products to their shopping cart, and purchase anything they like on the platform.


This section will also ask customers about their interests in games or pets to curate and list the content as per the shoppers’ interests. Consumers can even buy products from different customers, influencers, and brands.

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