Top Tech News Today May 24 Netflix Password Sharing Crackdown Microsoft ChatGPT Tesla India Factory Elon Musk

Top Tech News Today May 24 Netflix Password Sharing Crackdown Microsoft ChatGPT Tesla India Factory Elon Musk

Netflix Password-Sharing Crackdown Starts In Over 100 Countries

Netflix has recently expanded its efforts to combat password sharing in multiple countries, including the United States. The streaming giant, with over 200 million users across the world, has implemented measures to restrict the sharing of accounts outside of the user’s own household in an attempt to generate more revenue due to market saturation.

Netflix has begun notifying its users via email about the limitations on account sharing in 103 countries and territories, including prominent markets like the United States, France, Germany, and Brazil. The emails emphasise that a Netflix account should only be utilized within a single household. However, subscribers have the option to include additional members from outside their homes for an extra fee of $7.99 per month in the United States. Indian users may have to pay around Rs 660 for the same. 

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Elon Musk Shows Interest In Tesla India Factory

Elon Musk, the CEO of EV maker Tesla , announced on Tuesday that the company is making progress in selecting a location for its new factory, with a decision expected by the end of the year. During an event on Tuesday, when asked by a journalist from The Wall Street Journal about the possibility of choosing India, Musk expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Absolutely,” as reported by Reuters. Amidst mounting speculation about Tesla’s upcoming manufacturing facility, Musk reportedly said that the company is likely to finalise the location in the coming months.

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Microsoft Announces Enhancements To ChatGPT, Bing, Cloud

Microsoft has unveiled a series of AI upgrades, including enhancements to ChatGPT, Bing search engine, and cloud services, in an extensive launch aimed at narrowing the gap with Google. One notable change is the integration of live search results from Bing into ChatGPT, the popular chatbot developed by Microsoft’s partner, OpenAI. Previously, ChatGPT could only provide information up until 2021. Microsoft plans to enable ChatGPT to utilise Bing web results for both paid and free users.

These updates to Bing are part of Microsoft’s strategy to gain a larger share of the global search advertising market, estimated to be worth $286 billion.

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