Twitter Down Outage Fix Users Across The Globe Unable To Access App, Website

Twitter Sacks 50 In Eight Round Of Job Cuts To Rein In Cuts: Report

Twitter appears to be down for users across the world yet again. On Wednesday, Downdetector showed issues with access to the microblogging platform in India and other countries such as the US, UK, and more. Users are reportedly unable to access their feeds either on the app or the website. 

As per website outage tracker Downdetector, accessibility issues on Twitter started appearing at around 3:23 pm in India. As per the Indian outage map (screenshot below), users in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Lucknow, Patna, Hyderabad, and Kolkata are being affected the most. At the time of writing, Downdetector showed over 560 reports of outages. As per a report by UK-based Daily Mail, Downdetector showed nearly 3,000 issues flagged by users in the country.

The official tech support account of Twitter, @TwitterSupport is yet to confirm the outage or the reason behind it.

Some users who could access Twitter still tweeted to flag the outage.

The latest Twitter outage comes just days after the Elon Musk-owned company laid off 200 more employees. After his hostile $44-billion takeover of Twitter, Musk has been on a cost-cutting spree, resulting in loss of jobs for thousands of Twitter workers across the world. Before the takeover, back in October 2022, Twitter had around 7,500 employees globally. Now, Twitter reportedly has around 1,800 employees left.

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Twitter fired at least about 10 percent of the roughly 2,000 workers still employed with the social media platform on Saturday. 

The latest firing comes after a week since the company made it difficult for Twitter employees to communicate with each other, as per media reports. 

Employees were prevented from chatting with each other or looking up company data after the company’s internal messaging service Slack was taken offline, the report quoted current and former employees as saying. 

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