‘Twitter For IPhone’, ‘Twitter For Android’ Labels Removed, Confirms Musk

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New Delhi: Twitter chief Elon Musk on Sunday confirmed that the social media platform will no longer show the device from which a tweet was posted – be it an iPhone or an Android device. Musk shared the update in a tweet citing Pubity, a platform for viral news, that informed users of the same and captioned it as “Hallelujah!!”

The label appears on the user’s tweet right next to the time and date.  In November, Musk said the company will “finally cease adding what device a tweet was made on,” calling the function a “waste of screen space & compute.” 

In a response to a user, Musk wrote, “And we will finally stop adding what device a tweet was written on (waste of screen space & compute) below every tweet. Literally no one even knows why we did that …”

Several users are lauding the move on the platform while some are sharing memes referring to Samsung’s tweet about their Galaxy Unpacked Event, from an iPhone. Another brand, Huawei was targeted for “Twitter for iPhone” blunders.

Gal Gadot, the face of the company, also came under scrutiny for a tweet from an iPhone about how much she enjoyed using her brand-new Huawei Mate 10 Pro. However, Gadot quickly told CNET that while she does “love her Huawei P20 and Mate10Pro,” a member of her public relations team really wrote the promotional tweet from an iPhone.

 According to Twitter’s Help Centre, “Tweet source labels help you better understand how a Tweet was posted. This additional information provides context about the Tweet and its author. If you don’t recognize the source, you may want to learn more to determine how much you trust the content.”

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