Twitter Organisation Verification Blue For Business Details Elon Musk

Twitter Organisation Verification Blue For Business Details Elon Musk

Twitter has started a new verification programme for organisations, in yet another change to the micro-blogging company after tech billionaire Elon Musk’s chaotic takeover, the media has reported. The company has now started accepting signups for organisations that will have to submit their names, websites as well as Twitter usernames to be considered for the waitlist.

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Previously known as Twitter Blue for Business, organisations will also have to indicate their size and the expected number of affiliated accounts.

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“We will soon launch Verification for Organizations, formerly known as Blue for Business. Today, you can apply for early access via our waitlist here,” Twitter Business announced on Twitter.

Twitter boss Musk had announced that the micro-blogging platform would launch a feature that will give organisations the capability to identify accounts that are actually associated with them. His announcement came after the disastrous launch of Twitter’s paid verification programme.

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Musk-owned Twitter also brought another big change to the platform and the micro-blogging company said it would replace the “official” label added to accounts with a gold checkmark for some business accounts. The company said it would also add grey checkmarks for government accounts on the platform soon.

“In addition to these changes, starting today, we’re replacing the ‘official’ label with a gold checkmark on some business accounts on Twitter. Soon, we’ll also add a gray checkmark for government and multilateral accounts. Thank you to our Twitter Blue subscribers and our advertisers for your feedback and support!,” Patrick Traughber, Staff Product Manager at Twitter had written in a blog post.

To recall, Twitter Blue witnessed the most shocking impersonations when it was initially rolled out, soon after being acquired by tech billionaire Elon Musk, which is why it was briefly stopped by the company. The Twitter Blue model allowed anyone to pay $8 for a verified blue check, which triggered trolls as many users paid the $8 Twitter Blue charge and promptly used their blue check to impersonate prominent entities on the platform.

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