User Suggests Elon Musk To Increase Character Limit On Twitter 2.0. Here’s What The Tech Billionaire Said

User Suggests Elon Musk To Increase Character Limit On Twitter 2.0. Here's What The Tech Billionaire Said

New Delhi: A new day and a new update on Elon Musk’s Twitter. This time about the character limit for tweets. In a suggestion to increasing the character limit to 420, the tech billionaire said it’s a “good idea”.

It started when the Twitter Inc CEO shared a series of slides that claims new user signups are at an “all-time high,” user active minutes have increased and hate speech impersonations had dropped.

The slides, on Musk’s “Twitter 2.0 the everything app”, have grabbed the attention of a lot of netizens and in the comment section, a user was quick to suggest increasing the character limit to 420 from 280.

The user wrote, “Let’s go! Twitter 2.0 should make the character limit 420 instead of that annoying 280,” to which Elon Musk replied “Good idea”.

Meanwhile, it looks like several users aren’t happy with the idea. 

A person wrote, “Current limit keeps things sharp and concise. People have the option of writing a thread if they want to explain their life story or provide greater nuance. Brevity is what makes Twitter Twitter.”

Another wrote, “That’s not a “good idea” at all. Longform content should have at least its own view. You don’t want to turn Twitter into Facebook. At the heart, it’s always been a microblogging service and 280 characters are more than enough for that.”

Some even wanted Elon Musk to “get rid of the limit” once and for all. “No, less is more and we have the threads to say more,” wrote another.

Notably, taking to Twitter, Musk wrote as of November 16, signups were averaging over two million per day, up 66% from the same week in 2021.

He also stated that user active minutes were at an all-time high, averaging approximately 8 billion active minutes per day in the previous seven days as of November 15, a 30% increase over the same week last year.

Hate speech impersonations had dropped as of November 13 compared to October of the previous year, the slides claimed.

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