Woman Entrepreneur Rashmi Sahoo Wins IWEC International Honour

Woman Entrepreneur Rashmi Sahoo Wins IWEC International Honour

The director of the ready-to-eat food company FARRMB from Odisha, as well as the creator of FROZIT Rashmi Sahoo, sparkled at the recent International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge-2022 conference in Madrid, Spain. The IWEC Foundation honors a select group of women business entrepreneurs each year for their contribution to both industry and society.

Sahoo won the coveted Best Woman Entrepreneur Award 2022 this year for her leadership. She is the first businesswoman from Odia to get such a prestigious award.

Who Is Rashmi Sahoo?

As a child, Sahoo witnessed her legendary father, Sarat Kumar Sahoo, being referred to as the “Spice Man” of Odisha. In 2014, Sahoo founded her own company, Bisweswar Foods Pvt. Ltd., which operates a reputable spice business.

She drew her shocks up and prepared to follow in her father’s footsteps as a great businesswoman as she waved farewell to her managerial profession.

Sahoo always yearned to provide her clients delicacies that add a rush of flavour to their taste buds, and she pursued this desire after receiving training in food preparation in Italy and Switzerland.

The entrepreneur then took the risk, being motivated by her father’s actual success.

While women in our nation are still thought to be less ambitious and unfit to lead an initiative, much alone develop it into a profitable business, Sahoo rose to the occasion and proved her worth. Rashmi’s FarrmB and FROZIT is now a warehouse with hundreds of ready-to-eat healthy cereals, cookies, drinks, and other items.

Following thorough market research, the entrepreneur embarked on a new enterprise to hygienically buy and produce Odisha’s traditional sweet dish recipes such as ‘Podapitha’ and Kheer ( an elixir of milk sugar, rice and aroma spice). She wished to make it available to customers at any time and from any location across the country.

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