Wordle 599 Answer Today February 8 Wordle Solution Puzzle Hints

Wordle 599 Answer Today February 8 Wordle Solution Puzzle Hints

Wordle 599 Answer Today, February 8: The Wordle challenge today may not be easy. The word of the day is not an unfamiliar term but it is not likely to be used in regular conversations. The word contains a good mix of vowels and consonants, but a duplicate letter and one rare consonant make things tricky for players. The combination of letters could be easy to guess if you get a couple of letters correct in the first couple of attempts. You are unlikely to face the problem of multiple options. If you need more help to crack Wordle 599, keep reading.

How To Play Wordle And What Its Rules Are

Wordle, a guessing game created by US-based software engineer Josh Wardle in 2021, quickly gained popularity among millions of players. Despite being acquired by The New York Times in January, the game retained its original features. The objective of the game is to correctly guess the randomly generated five-letter word of the day within six chances. Squares containing the letters entered turn green, yellow, or grey, providing helpful clues to the player. Green squares indicate the letter is in the correct location, yellow squares indicate the letter is correct but in the wrong location, and grey squares indicate the letter is incorrect.

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Wordle 599 Hints And Answer

  • The word has two vowels
  • There is one duplicate letter
  • It is a verb, and also a noun 
  • The vowels are ‘A’ and ‘I’ 
  • The last letter is ‘L’  

Were the hints useful? We hope they were. If not, read on to see the correct answer.

The Wordle 599 answer is ‘FLAIL’. The word means “to wave something, esp. arms or legs, energetically but with little or no control”, as described by the Cambridge dictionary. ‘Flail’ as noun is “a tool consisting of a rod that hangs from a long handle, used especially in the past for threshing grain”. 

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